Psychometric Technologies


We offer an industry-leading proprietary neuropsychological test battery. This unique technology rapidly assesses deficits and changes in cognitive processing. No other CRO offers this level of advanced reliable and validated technology.


CogScreen® is a standardized, validated computer-administered and scored neuropsychological test battery developed by Dr. Gary Kay and his colleagues. The battery was designed to rapidly assess deficits or changes in attention, immediate and working memory, visual perceptual functions, sequencing functions, logical problem solving, calculation skills, reaction time, simultaneous information processing abilities, and executive functions. Initially the test was designed to meet the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) need for an instrument that could detect subtle changes in cognitive functioning; changes which, left unnoticed, may result in poor pilot judgment or slow reaction time in critical operational situations.

Specific Features

In neuropsychological research CogScreen® has proven to be a highly sensitive test to the presence of mild brain dysfunction secondary to injury or disease and to changes in brain functioning caused by various medications, sleep deprivation, allergen exposure, hypoxia, and normal aging. The outstanding reliability and validity of CogScreen® is well documented in both the comprehensive test manual and in numerous publications.