Psychometric Technologies

Driving Simulator

Our customized driving simulator creates a highly immersive, realistic driving simulation and conforms to the FDA Guidance for Dedicated Driving Studies and is validated to impairment associated with 0.05BAC – the FDA’s gold standard for impairment. It is the only driving simulator validated for use in multi-site clinical trials.

Why incorporate TECH in your trial design?

  • Enhanced Labeling/Product Differentiation
  • FDA Required, Dedicated Driving Studies
  • Psychedelic Therapy – When is it safe to resume driving?
  • First in Human Trials
  • Prescription to OTC

When is it safe to resume driving? Determining the impact medication may have on driving ability is an important safety determination in clinical trials particularly for drugs that affect the central nervous system (CNS). CRC applies their proprietary, state-of-the-art driving simulation technology CRCDS.

Specific Features

The simulator utilizes advanced three-dimensional (3D) graphics to generate realistic representations of various driving environments. The visual environment includes the vehicle dashboard, roadway, horizon, secondary task displays, intersections, traffic control devices and interacting traffic.

Auditory feedback is provided for engine speed, acceleration limits, and for indication of excessive cornering speed, or excessive deceleration when braking.

Steering sensitivity is adjusted as a function of vehicle speed.

The CRCDS provides automated measurements of psychomotor functioning, divided attention, situational awareness and other cognitive behaviors. CRC has developed equivalent versions of various driving simulation tasks (scenarios) that allow for re-testing while minimizing practice effects. Several CRCDS scenarios have proven to be highly sensitive to both therapeutic and adverse drug effects.