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June 2, 2022

Cognitive Research Corporation’s Dr. Gary Kay receives Henry L. Taylor Award for outstanding contributions in the field of Aerospace Human Factors

Cognitive Research Corporation (CRC) proudly announces that Dr. Gary Kay has received the Aerospace Human Factors Association Henry L. Taylor Award for outstanding contributions in the field of Aerospace Human Factors. Dr. Kay is a cofounder of CRC and is the company’s Chief Scientific Officer and Head of Assessment Services. Dr. Kay is a clinical neuropsychologist who specializes in computer-based neuropsychological assessment, aeromedical psychology, and driving simulation. Dr. Kay has been focused on CNS and mental health-related clinical research for decades developing a broad range of proprietary technologies, including sophisticated neuropsychological assessment and state-of-the-art simulation technologies.

Dr. Kay was essential in the development of CogScreen®, a standardized, validated computer-administered, and scored neuropsychological test battery that is used worldwide in pilot certification, selection, and fitness testing. CogScreen® has proven to be a highly sensitive test in neuropsychological research, rapidly assessing deficits and changes in cognitive processing.

The Henry L. Taylor Award is given in recognition of outstanding contributions in the field of Aerospace Human Factors. Dr. Kay has done extensive critical research and training over a career of more than 40 years and has positively impacted flight safety, the professional development of numerous colleagues, and the science of aerospace human factors. He is most deserving of the Henry L. Taylor Award.

“Gary has been a senior neuropsychology consultant to the Federal Aviation Administration for decades and has published and spoken about this area of cognitive performance throughout the world. He is a ‘legend’ in this field and this award is well deserved. Equally important is that much of his work here has been transferred to the development of new drugs in multiple CNS indications, so he has not only made an indelible mark on professionals in the aerospace industry but also on countless patients around the world. All of us at CRC benefit from his intellect and his leadership,” says C.G.(Chip) Gillooly, Chief Executive Officer of CRC.

About Cognitive Research Corporation:

CRC’s mission is to support innovative companies developing new medicines and therapies to improve mental health. As a leading neuroscience clinical research organization (CRO) and technology company, CRC works with sponsors, specialized clinical trial sites, and CNS experts to bring new drugs through rigorous testing and ultimately to market. For more information visit us here.