Therapeutic Expertise

Our clients come to us (and keep coming back!) because of our scientific and therapeutic expertise.  We focus on helping companies who are working to solve the most challenging issues related to mental health.  For more than 16 years our teams have focused solely on CNS and mental health-related clinical research.  Our depth of experience and scientific expertise positions us as the ideal development partner for the challenges of solving some of the world’s most complicated medical problems.  Spend time with us and you will see how our experience and acumen can help your company achieve your goals.

Therapeutic Areas

With decades of experience in conducting clinical trials, our team has a proven track record in assessing both the safety and efficacy of products across a wide range of indications. We have deep expertise and are best known for our Central Nervous System (CNS) research. In addition, our experience and specialization includes extensive Phase I pharmacology/toxicology work and other areas.

Studies over the last 10 years​

CNS Focused: 450+ Clinical Trials, 30+ INDs, participated in 14+ NDA Submissions, 14+ NDA Approvals (3 in the last 2 years)

CNS Indications

Other Indications

We have utilized Cognitive Research Corporation for multiple trials and have always received the highest class service with experience and understanding necessary to our industry. We value their personal attention and their unique driving simulator application. We highly recommend them to peers and colleagues.

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We are a CRO that provides expertise and experience to help you navigate, plan and analyze the clinical trial process. We offer a full-range of services to support your trial from planning through regulatory submission. We can help guide you on site selection and are one of the few CROs that offer driving simulation in conjunction with trials.

Contact us for a personalized consultation, and we can walk you through our unique solutions and proprietary processes and analytical solutions.